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About Us

“At Prosper Living LLC, we are dedicated to revolutionizing patient care. As the owner of this nurse registry, I founded this organization with a passion for improving patient care and supporting the nursing profession. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, we have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by both healthcare facilities and nurses. Our nurse registry was born out of a desire to create a seamless and efficient platform that brings them together, ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

“Thank you for choosing Prosper Living LLC. We are honored to be your trusted partner in fulfilling staffing needs and advancing the nursing field. “

Victor Cuza,

Why Choose Us

No two days are the same here!

  • Access to Qualified Professionals

  • Flexibility in Staffing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Professional Development Opportunities

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Great Staff
Our carers respond every time with a big warm smile.
We can provide a safe and respectful environment for patients and families.
Through rigorous screening and verification, we are able to find the most qualified caregiver for the patient's needs.
Quality Assurance
We provide thorough staff training as well as ongoing monitoring procedures to maintain the highest level of competence and professionalism.
Great Staff

Team Members

Victor Cuza RN, BSN and Owner

Throughout his nursing journey, Victor Cuza has acquired diverse clinical experience in various healthcare settings. He has worked diligently to develop a broad skill set, ranging from acute care to community health, and has gained expertise in areas. This diverse background enables him to deliver comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

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